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My Rife Research Journal
    This is a journal of my discovery, investigation and experimentation with Rife technology. As I have mentioned, before 2001 I had never heard of Rife. My own personal focus was on Antoine Prioré and his similar discoveries. As I learned more about how Rife devices worked (I'm an electrical engineer by trade) I found there were many similarities. Originally, I felt that building a Priore device would be costly and time consuming. But seeing that I was finding more and more about Rife and people using his technology, I knew this would be a more cost effective way to start my personal research. So this is the journal I have been keeping. I realize that by the time you find it, it may be dated, and I will try to add and update it as I find new things and find the time to do so, but my intent was to have a strong and repeatable record of success or failure of testing Rife devices.
    With that, I give you my journal:


Friday June 15, 2001
    I ordered a single bubble Rife-Bare type plasma tube from Allred Neon in Greensboro, North Carolina. The tube costs $75 plus $7.50 shipping and handling. (As of this date.) I spoke personally with Barry Allred about the general use and application of the tube. Barry tells me that after I order it and he makes it, it takes a few days for the tube to gas out and I should receive it early in the week of 6/17/01.

Thursday June 21, 2001
    I haven't seen my tube yet so I email Barry to see what was the hold up.

Friday June 22, 2001
    Barry Allred emails me back and informs me that my tube took longer than anticipated to age but it is going out today, and will be sent priority mail so it should arrive by Tuesday. He also says the color looks great.
    After a lot of research, I found that both Barry Lynes and Ed Skilling live in southern California. I also find a note that Barry Lynes has or had a newsletter called "Cover Up" that is about the politics of cancer. A post office box was listed in this note and that box is in a neighboring town. I drive there to see if I can tell if it's still in use. Unfortunately, these boxes turn out not to be the windowed type, so I can't determine if mail with his name is still arriving there. You can get the address of the owner of a post office box by filling out a form and paying $5, but when you do this, the owner of the box also receives your name and address. I don't want to appear aggressive to Mr. Lynes about finding him, I am only interested in information. So I decide not to pursue that avenue.
    Barry Lynes also started a business called Rife Laboratories Inc. according to my research. So my next stop is the county seat to check DBAs (Doing Business As - a form that an individual has to fill out to be a legally registered business.) on file. I find out unfortunately, that the county only keeps these files on record for 9 years. After that, they throw, burn or otherwise destroy them. Lynes's business was started on or before 1991, so I am out of luck there. However, it is called Rife Laboratories "Inc." and registering as a corporation is different than county registration. The person at the county clerk's office gave me a sheet with several Internet addresses of government sites that have related information. I don't have much time left today for this so I will check into it next Friday, or when time allows.

Monday June 25, 2001
    I return home this evening to find that the post office has tried to deliver my Rife tube of course when I'm not there. (I work a full time job Monday through Thursday.) A message left suggests I can pick it up between 8 AM and 5 PM the next day. (When I work, of course.) I will pick up the tube tomorrow (Tuesday) during lunch.

Tuesday June 26, 2001
    I pick up the single bubble Rife tube at the post office and take it home seeing I am in the area during lunch. Opening it up, I see a mild imperfection within the glass at the crest of the bubble. This appears to be a small spec of metal about 25 microns in size, but I assume this won't have any detrimental effect.

Tuesday July 30, 2001
    I appologize for the long month's gap here, but like many independent investigators and scientists, life occured, and I had other fires to put out. (Remember, no one's paying me to do this!) I spoke to a few people and have updated this page. I also am going to try to contact James Bare to talk to him directly. Seeing that he is spear-heading the return of the Rife devices, I would like to ask him some questions, as well as Don Tunney who is doing intense research in Canada. I found and ordered Barry Lynes' book "The Cancer Cure That Worked! - 50 Years Of Supression". It just came in today, so I will read it as and you can click here to read my review of it. I will post more here as it happens.

Friday August 10, 2001
    Sometimes the best way to research a story is to start at the end. Today I went to Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego to see where Rife was buried. The records at the cemetery said that his account there was taken care of by the state. (San Diego Public Administrator) That basically means that either he was poor, or that he had no surviving relatives, so in place of any person taking care of the account, the state steps in and finalizes things. He is buried next to his first wife Mamie (who's name they misspelled on their records as "Mayme" (but luckily NOT on her grave stone). Also on her card her race was listed as "Mongolian". I was told it was customary at that time (1957 at the time of her death) to put race on their cards. (Rife had "W" for "white" on his, even during 1971). Her maiden name was Quin, and that was listed both on her card and on her grave stone as her middle name. There are quite a number of Quins also buried in the immediate vicinity which makes me wonder if this was the family plot. I could check the names and find out, but that might be exhaustive. She was one of a few daughters of Ah Quin, who was a businessman. Checking out his name might be the easiest. If I go there again, I'll check. Mamie's birthday was October 7, 1886, which made her a year and a half older than Rife. She died the day after her 71st birthday, while Royal lived on to be 83.

    I was also surprised that Rife's second wife, Amelia, wasn't buried in the same area or at least the same cemetery. I realize that Rife was married to Mamie for 45 years before she died in 1957, and only married to Amelia for 6 years before she died in 1966, but Amelia was his last wife. I guess the plots were already planned and paid for. The records show they were paid for in September of 1943 for $35 each.
    I also tracked down his last known address as shown in one of his obituaries, and I took a few pictures of that too. (Please excuse the fuzzy finger in the photograph.) Although Rife died with very little money to his name, This would seem to be a nice house. I'm still tracking down when it might have been sold and when was the last date Rife lived here. One web site account says that he lived his last year in a nursing home, but that's unsubstantiated so far. This house wasn't palatial or anything, just a very nice, well kept home in a very nice neighborhood. Very well manicured. Of course, it's been 30 years since his death and the present owners may have done some work, but it is in a tract of houses that are all very nice, so I doubt it was ever in any great means of disarray.

Friday August 24, 2001
    For the second time, I drove down to San Diego to look through public records. For me, this is about a 185 mile round trip, so you can see some of my tenacity and devotion in finding out the truth. The more I dig out about Rife's life, the sadder I get. I had originally hoped that because Rife's estate had been taken care of by the San Diego Public Administrator, that it meant he simply had no surviving relatives rather than the alternative, which meant he died poor. But, in the Public Administrator's records, Rife died with a monetary value of $236.30, comprised of a social security benefit payment of $48.30 and a welfare benefit payment of $188.00, and that was it. The Public Administrator paid $219.01 to the Paris Mortuary as a partial funeral payment and $16.54 to himself as a commission and $.75 for copying. All totaling the $236.30. This is a sad end to a man who created such interesting things and even held a speed boat speed record past the time of his death. I still find it hard to believe that he didn't have any possessions such as furniture or appliances. But in the officially filed petition to collect and sell personal property, the Public Administrator states "that decedent died in the County of San Diego, State of California, on 8/5/71 leaving an estate consisting entirely of personal property, the total value of which appears not to exceed $1,000.00"
    I want to say I'm sorry if this has turned out to be more of a historical document at this point rather than a passage of exploration into how Rife's devices worked, but there have always been some distorted facts on web pages and other places, and I want to clear them up both on a technical level as well as a historical one. I will get more into the technical aspects later.
    I found Rife's Last Will And Testament dated October 8, 1958 which was 13 years before his death. I have a picture of it on the right, but I've reduced it's size for sake of quick loading. Although you may be able to see all the writing, I'll retype it here:



I, Royal Raymond Rife, of the city of San Diego, County of San Diego, State of California, at my death, I leave as a bequest to Cary Carleton Crane and Gay Adele Crane and Sandra Aragon the sum of $1000.00 to each of them to be used for the advancement of their education.

I also hereby direct my executor, hereinafter named, as soon as he shall have sufficient funds in his hands to pay my funeral expenses and all of my just debts.

I hereby nominate and appoint my friend, John Francis Crane of 4246 Pepper Drive, San Diego, California, as executor of this bequest and testament and request that the court require no bond or security of him.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 8th day of October, 1958.

(signature - Royal Raymond Rife)

The foregoing instrument, by the said Royal Raymond Rife, signed, sealed and published as, and declared to be his last bequest and testament in the presence of us, who, at his request, and in his presence, and in the presence of each other, have suscribed our names as witnesses thereto.

(signature - John F. Crane) residing at 4246 Pepper Dr, San Diego, Calif.
(signature - Joy(?) H. Crane) residing at 4246 Pepper Dr, San Diego, Calif.

    It's important to remember that since he started working with John Crane in 1950, he considered him a friend. Perhaps Rife's only friend. In his will, he names Cary and Gay Crane, possibly children of Crane. I've yet to find out. And, he also mentions Sandra Aragon. Aragon was the maiden name of Rife's second wife, Ameila. This may have been a daughter of Amelia's from a previous marriage or a niece or sister. I'll do what I can to find out. Technically, this may be Rife's only living relative.
More Bad News
    As I had mentioned in my review of Barry Lynes' book, Lynes had wrote that
"From 1984 to 1988, Rife's Universal Microscope passed through the hands of several groups and individuals who undertook to restore it, but no progress was made towards this goal. A federal legal action had to be initiated in order to have it returned, finally, to it's legitimate owners - Rife Labs, a company formed to revitalize Rife's work in accordance with modern scientific methods." Yet on another web page and from court documents, I found out that Lynes himself was part of "Rife Labs Inc.". In which case, his statement was both self serving, and made it sound like it was Lynes who was on the offensive and took Crane to court. What I found was that it was Crane who took Lynes and other members of Rife Labs to court.
    This is my supposition as to what happened: Remember, that what is just my opinion will be in green , but what's based in fact will be black.
    From what I can gather from the court documents, (case #597486 - Superior Court of California, County of San Diego) Crane must have been invited by Lynes and 25 others to combine efforts in restoring Rife's microscope and frequency devices. Many of these people were simply investors. In Crane's complaint for damages, he stated that he was "trapped into a false corporation scam and conspriracy of corporations designed to fleece plaintiff [Crane] which were set up to seize the Rife Universal Prismatic Microscope..." Crane also states that he "...had brought other books, models, and technology and equipment [to a lab they had set up] while the defendants changed and altered the contracts to reduce[d] the amount of stock offered [to Crane] from 85 percent to zero."
    Based on the court case, it appears that Crane at first signed a contract he felt comfortable with. One that gave him a percentage of stock and control with regards to the Universal microscope and Rife frequency devices. Then, within a period of three months, while he was working at a newly acquired lab, negotiations and relations with Crane became strained and a new contract was drawn up that others signed, but Crane didn't. Lynes and the others who signed this new contract used their partial possession rights laid out by the first contract to gain total possession using the new contract. At least, this seems to be Crane's implied story.
    Crane states that the Universal Microscope was brought to a residence to be exhibited. (Possibly to show to an investor. The residence it was taken to IS one of the addresses of the 25 defendants listed in Crane's suit.) While there, Crane took part or all of the microscope and started leaving the room. At that point, according to Crane, Barry Lynes "wrestled and grabbed the barrel of the instrument away from the plaintiff [Crane]." and then "The ten people in the room voted that [Crane] had no rights."
    I can tell that Crane was probably a difficult man to deal with. In this court document that he wrote and filed himself, there's plenty of strange references, outlandish sums (such as "general damages of $20 million dollars") and emotional references and finger pointing that wouldn't help a legal document to succeed. My impression was that there was no doubt Crane was very eccentric and a difficult man to negotiate with. This undoubtedly frustrated Lynes as he began to deal more with him.
    As mentioned, to develop and restore Rife's microscope and frequency devices, a lab was set up, which was called the [John] Bedini Lab. (Gary and John Bedini are named in the suit and may have had a lab already for this purpose.) The lab was in Sylmar, CA. and was 156 miles away from where Crane lived in San Diego. Yet Crane traveled back and forth and worked there for three months. During the time he worked there, Crane got into a car accident that landed him in the hospital for a while. During that time, Crane alleges that one of the defendants (J. Michael Linn) got into Crane's home and went through his files and drawers seizing business contracts and 200 original letters received by Royal R. Rife and other items. Crane confronted him later and got into a fist fight after he refused to return them. In trying to remain impartial, I want to remind the reader that I'm reading from John Crane's own hand and not a police report. However, it's more than obvious that Crane felt taken advantage of and improprieties were taken.
    On September 14, 1987, Crane went to work 156 miles away by bus, and after arriving there, found two new pad locks on the doors, leaving Crane locked out. And on the inside was the Universal microscope, many of John Crane's own test gear and countless papers and diagrams Crane had labored to create. Crane filed his lawsuit on April 19, 1988.
    I also have a document filed on May 18, 1988 from the lawyers of some of the defendants, that states essentially, if the Universal microscope is being kept in Sylmar, which is Los Angeles County, that the trial for it should be there. The same is stated about the alleged physical attack by Linn because it allegedly happened at another defendant's residence in L.A. County.
    The San Diego trail of court cases stops here. I will further investigate in L.A. County to find out if any records are there. But knowing in advance that Lynes has the Universal microscope at this writing,
I can suppose that John Crane, a man in his late 70's or early 80's was already tired from all this. He was going to die in just a few years from then. That he probably had lost his car in the auto accident and didn't have an easy time of getting around. Not to mention that his hospital stay included a hematoma operation which is a physical battle for a man that age. I'll find the records if they exist in L.A. County, but I wouldn't doubt that Lynes and the others simply wore him out.
    John Crane, a man Rife trusted with his life's work, who although was probably not the easiest man to deal with, still pressed Rife's work forward no matter how misdirected. Although his own diplomacy was less than adequate, little was used on him. Instead, what took more than 50 years to create, others took it away from Crane in 3 months.
    Lynes is not young now either. He too is in his late 70s or 80s. Like old men, fighting to the last as in a tontine, waiting for the last man alive to get the key to the treasure chest, the last man may open it only to find it empty.

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